Hi! I’m Cherese | Designer + Brand Developer + Content Creator

I serve entrepreneurs and ministry leaders by bringing their God-given creative visions to life. RAM provides a wide range of services to assist with visual branding needs.

Designing was a hidden gift that surfaced in 2010 while working as a Church Administrative Assistant in San Diego, CA. It has since grown into my passion and purpose.

I honed my skills through blogging when I started my own online natural hair and lifestyle magazine, Afrophire, in 2013. What started as a creative outlet soon turned into multiple collaboration and design opportunities.

I’ve been beyond blessed to work with some amazing entrepreneurs such as self-published authors, Christian ministries and bloggers, and fashion & beauty brands. I’ve also had my photography featured in the Pensacola News Journal.

I have a heart for working with entrepreneurs and ministry leaders whose values are firmly rooted in Christ. I’m a firm believer in using my gifts and talents to serve others for God’s glory (1 Peter 4:10-11).

“I serve entrepreneurs and ministry leaders by bringing their God-given creative visions to life.”

Cherese Agee

Work With Me

Strong branding is more than amazing graphics and images. It’s the ability to effectively communicate your brand’s identity to your potential customer.

I help find your brand’s voice and I ensure that every design speaks to the core message. Potential customers want to feel connected with your business and the branding we create will do just that.

Let me tell you how…

When you work with me, you and I complete a 4-step process of…

1. Writing the vision
2. Refining the vision
3. Building the vision
4. Launching the vision

The secret to my method is that I keep my client’s true voice at the core of the design process. Your God-given vision + my super creative mind = an end product your audience will love and trust. Ready to create something meaningful? Get in touch with me here.

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