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I’m here to tell you that designing for your brand doesn’t have to be your job. Having the spirit of DIY’ing your graphics is admirable, especially with the help of design apps with plenty of cool templates, but not if you lack the time or the eye for design. Sound familiar? Good news–I got you!

I create meaningful designs for creative entrepreneurs and ministry leaders by bringing their God-given creative visions to life. I’m based in the North Chicago area, and I specialize in visual brand development and print work. 

Visions are not meant to be carried alone. I’m dedicated to working with you to manifest the design you have in mind so you can stop “struggling” with your creative vision and start seeing it through. Ready to create something meaningful? Get in touch with me here.

“You wear many hats.
I’ll wear the graphic designer hat for you.”

–Cherese Agee

Here’s how we can create together

D E S I G N   Your


Ready to transform your manuscript into a brilliant book? Let’s book it!

B U I L D   Your


Got a great business and need great branding to match? Let’s build it!

C U S T O M I Z E   Your


Does your WordPress site need some sprucing up? Let’s customize it!

You can have your design in mind.

Design doesn’t have to be hard. Get the design help you need to manifest your creative vision. Let’s work together to create a design you’ll absolutely love.

Love from some stellar people.

“Professional and intuitive, always working towards her client’s best outcome!”

Cherese worked on many projects from book designs, cover designs, websites, product photos, branding + logo designs, and graphics. The level of professionalism, knowledge, and creativity is amazing and much appreciated in this industry. She’s upfront and honest; always meeting the deadline and seeks growth in learning more about the business. I am thankful to have acquired such a great asset as Cherese for all of my business needs.

D E N I S E   J.   M E G G E T
Encouraging Words by Denise

“Rese is the most kind, knowledgeable and patient editor I could’ve ever hoped for.”

I had no knowledge of what it took to get my book published once I wrote it. But with Cherese guiding me every step of the way, the process was smooth and painless. She helped me edit my book, designed my book cover, helped me with layout and formatting options, etc. Cherese listened to all my ideas and delivered above and beyond what I’d imagined. I’ll definitely be working with her again!

D E E   R E E D
Author of Back to Me

“My experience was fabulous!”

What an honor and pleasure it was to have you edit and format my book. It was beyond my expectations and above my standards. The work came out looking great. It was done in excellence and the timing was everything. She treated me with great hospitality and made my vision come to life. I indeed recommend those that are looking for their dreams to come true to hire and partner with Cherese Agee to get the job done. I look forward to having her for many more books to come.

D O N T R E L L   G R E E N
Author of The Prophetic Manual: Cultivating a Prophetic Community

Get in touch with me.

I’d love to hear from you. Fill out my form and I’ll get right back to you.


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